Y Fit Boot Camp

Y Fit Boot Camp Ages 15+

This program is designed for the individual who wants a consistent, challenging, weekly, overall fitness worktout in a gorup environment.  Workouts include: heavy resistance exercises, varied core exercises and a wide range of cardio movements.  Get all you need in one hour per day, making fitness and exercise a part of your everyday life to reach those health and wellness goals.

Attend up to 6 days per week during your selected class time: M-F 6am or 7:15am, Sat 7:30am

Valley Y

Contact: Wendy Jackson

Barre Classes

Barre Classes at the Y: Beyond Barre, Beyond Barre Pilates and Beyond Barre 30

Fuses ballet, strength, Yoga and Pilates elements into one exciting class that will sculpt your body. This Bar Free class challenges and builds the bodies balance while helping to decrease the risk of overuse injuries by allowing you to work within your own range of motion.

Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up to build heat, followed by a standing strength segment that incorporates upper and lower body while engaging the core and finishes with floor core work. This is an intense workout but offers modifications for all skill levels and fitness abilities.

Small tools such as hand weights and small balls may be used during class. Barefoot is recommended but sock or shoes are always welcome. Other formats include Beyond Barre Pilates which blends in more elements of traditional Pilates andBeyond Barre 30 is the same intense class balanced in 30 minutes.

See our Group Exercise Schedules for current class offerings.

Indoor/Outdoor Triathlons


First Saturday of each month (for Feb, March, April and May)

Ages: 14+

7:15am, 7:45am, 8:15am swim start (choose one)

Y Members: FREE
Program Members: $15 per Triathlon

Register at Member Services or call 509 777 9622

For additional information contact: Wendy Jackson or 509 777 9622 extension 212

S.M.A.R.T. Start

Ages 12+

Limited to Y Members: $129

Research indicates that participating in an activity for 12 weeks establishes a routine which will increase your rate of success to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our S.M.A.R.T. Start Program will provide you with a 12-week detailed program designed by a Nationally Certified personal trainer. This program will be tailored to fit your goals.

Includes 3 meetings with a Personal Trainer, pre and post assessments, written program, and weekly email support.

For additional details or to register for this program contact Wellness Coaches:

Wellness Coaches:
Central Y
North Y
Valley Y

509 777 9622

Tabata Bootcamp

Ages 15+

Y Members: $190

Watch for upcoming Sessions at our Valley YMCA

An 8 week group training program that is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Group members receive an easy and individually formatted program from a Certified Tabata Bootcamp trainer. Participants meet in small groups with their trainer 3 times a week for comprehensive total body workouts that focus on lower body, upper body, and core providing both cardio and strength options. These exercises are combined with a nutritional component, metabolic tracking, and 24/7 web support.

Sessions begin in September, Novemeber, January & March

For additional details or to register for this program, please contact: Wendy Jackson Valley Y Health & Wellness Director.

Learn to Lift

Ages 12+

Limitied to Y Members: $80

Have you ever wanted to strength train but weren't sure where to begin? Monthly sessions include 8 one-hour classes which will teach participants the basics of weightlifting exercises and safe form.  Participants will be guided through a steady progression of lifting and training exercises/techniques over the succession of the course. This is a great place to start before jumping into a small group program or working out on your own.

For additional details or to register for this program please contact:
Central Y Health & Wellness Director 
Wendy Jackson Valley Y Health & Wellness Director
John Harshman North Y Health & Wellness Director

QUICK Start - Complimentary for our Premier Members

Ages 16+

Complimentary for Premier Members

As a Premier Member at our YMCA, you recieve (2) one-hour appointments with a Wellness Coach who will speak with you about your goals and introduce you to both our cardio and strength lines of equipment. These appointments will help you to be comfortable and confident while exercising at the YMCA. You will learn how to use our cardio machines including our treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes.  You will complete a workout card with a Wellness Coach that will include seat settings and adjustments as well as safe starting weights and reps for one of our selectorized strength lines.

To schedule your appointment today please call 509 777 9622 or email:

cwellness@ymcaspokane.org Central Y

nwellness@ymcaspokane.org North Y

vwellness@ymcaspokane.org Valley Y


Metabolic Makeover

Twelve Weeks to Wellness! 
A fun, supportive small group program for those who want to make a lifestyle change. Focuses on wellness for your spirit, mind and body. The 12-week program includes 3 exercise sessions per week, led by a Wellness Coach holding a National Personal Training Certification, as well as nutritional counseling.

Program Member: $500, Y Member: $360 
What you get: 
Fitness Assessment/Body Composition analysis throughout the program 
36 1-hour small-group exercise sessions led by a Certified Wellness Coach  
12 week progressive cardio and strength program 
A complete mind, body, spirit approach to training and nutrition 
A fun, supportive environment to help you reach your goals!

For upcoming informational meeting dates and information please call 509 777 9622, or email:
Central Y Health & Wellness Director 
Wendy Jackson Valley Y Health & Wellness Director

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group = Big Results

Why workout alone when you can workout in a supportive and encouraging environment? Custom workouts are tailored specifically to each group based on personal goals and fitness levels. Every group is led by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer who will keep you focused, motivated, and working toward the common goal of increased health.

Whether you are looking for weight loss, general fitness, or sport-specific training, Small Group Personal Training has a place for you!

Upcoming options include the following classes and more!

Central Y- 5k for All
North Y-   10 Days of Fitness (December, 12 weeks), Fitness Made Simple: Winter Series(January, 12 weeks)
Valley Y-  Tabata Bootcamp and R.I.P. Trainer

For additional information or to register call 509 777 9622 or contact:
Central Y Health & Wellness Director 
Wendy Jackson Valley Y Health & Wellness Director
John Harshman North Y Health & Wellness Director

Personal Training

Ages 12+

Looking for a new challenge or need some additional motivation? A Wellness Coach who is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer can be just what you need! Our Wellness Coaches will evaluate your health history and lifestyle to design a program that will specifically meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. Break out of your current fitness methods, reduce injury by learning proper techniques, and stay motivated and committed to your exercise program.

For addtional information please contact: 
Central YMCA Health & Wellness Director
John Harshman: North YMCA Health & Wellness Director
Wendy Jackson: Valley YMCA Health & Wellness Director

1 hour: 1 person $40 1 hour: 2 people $60 
4 hours: 1 person $140 4 hours: 2 people $220
12 hours: 1 person $400 12 hours: 2 people $600


Silver Sneakers

Ages 62+

Are you 62 or older and looking for a healthy activity? Check out our Silver Sneakers Fitness Program and join in the fun! Our program allows active adults the chance to participate in an exciting, energizing environment that allows them to take control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events. Your insurance or Medicare plan may offer this program. For more information please visit SilverSneakers.

Free program for individuals with a qualifying insurance plan.

View Schedules

Triathlon Training

Ages 16+

Personal training for Triathletes is available. Please contact:

Central Y Health & Wellness Director
509 777 9622

Wendy Jackson: Valley Y Health & Wellness Director
509 777 9622 x 212

10 Days of Fitness

Holidays are filled with the joy of family, friends and too much food and goodies!

Kick off the season the healthy way with a 2 week program consisting of Ten challenging, fun, holiday themed workouts - Jingle Your Kettle Bells, Tabata Clause and see how the Grinch Stole Fitness. Join us and don’t let your merriment become a Nightmare
Before Christmas.

Classes are scheduled in a small group setting. Please connect with the Health & Wellness Director if you would like to register:

John Harshman North Y Health & Wellness Director

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