2 Stepping Up: aseriesofactions,processesormeasurestoachieveagoal. A Message from the CEO and Board Chair As our community’s oldest not for profit, we are often asked to step up…to answer some of the more pressing needs of our community by living our cause and focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The past year, 2016, has been just that, a year of stepping up and achieving goals and it didn’t happen without our most important resource, our people! It all begins with our volunteers: our governing BoardofDirectors who give of their time, treasure and talent to set policy that meets community needs while making certain that our Y stays true to its charitable mission; our AdvisoryBoard members representing Camp Reed and the Central, Valley and North branches and Sandpoint, who work with their local staff to provide positive experiences and community impact; our nearly 400 volunteer youth sportscoaches who teach the values of teamwork and sportsmanship while ensuring that the sports experience is skill based and fun; our 213 RSVP ProjectWarm-upvolunteers who knitted 16,000 scarves and hats for the marginalized and homeless across our community and distributed them to forty-three local agencies. Working in partnership with our hundreds of dedicated volunteers are the 1161 people who worked for our YMCA in 2016. It proved to be a workforce of commitment and spirit, dedicated to our mission and our collective purpose of giving everyone a safe place to learn, grow and thrive. Our staff worked to provide quality member experiences, evidenced by the fact that 94% of our members rated their experience as excellent/good. Our YMCACampReed staff provided hundreds of children with the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime, especially those children affected by cancer who experienced a week at Camp Goodtimes.Our teachers in our Early Learning Centers at our Central Branch and Eastern Washington University provided a safe, nurturing environment while committing to the goal of making every child, regardless of income, kindergarten ready. The LIVESTRONG® attheYMCA program provided caring, committed coaches with one goal… to make the lives of cancer survivors whole again. ActSix,OutsidetheBox,YouthInvestment…teen programs of impact led by true role models. Our people also gave of their time serving on local not for profit boards, school district truancy boards and local service clubs. From the staff at our 18 School Age Child Care sites to our lifeguards and swim instructors and our wellness coaches, our vibrant community outreach would not be possible without our people who made 2016 a year of which we can all be proud. Steve Tammaro Jim Morrison YMCA President/CEO Board Chair