Your Gift Ensures Access to All

$100 Gift


Your gift of $10/month

David and three of his friends can learn to swim and be safe around water.

$250 Gift


Your gift of $25/month

Janna and five friends can learn sportsmanship and skills on the basketball court.

$500 Gift


Your gift of $50/month

Six youth are safe and actively engaged after school 5 days a week.

$1000 Gift


Your gift of $100/month

Teens like John can recieve up to 40 hours of mentoring.

$2500 Gift


Your gift of $250/month

A week at Camp Reed is possible for six kids who otherwise couldn't afford to have the best week of their summer.

$5000 Gift


Your gift of $500/month

Gives 10 cancer survivors the chance to regain hope and strength through the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program..


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