The YMCA partners with over 250 businesses and organizations in the Inland Nortwest to provide employee wellness through membership at the Y. The YMCA has a great opportunity for your employees to make them healthier and increase productivity at work. Click here, to read more about the benefits of a YMCA Corporate Wellness program.

Companies with 5 or more employees that are interested in joining the YMCA may receive a 50% discount on Joiner Fee and 10% discount on Annual or Monthly Fee.

Corporate Flyer & Member Benefits

Adjusted Discount Rates

Category   Join Fee Monthly Dues
Young Adult Age 19-24 $25 $37.80
Adult Age 25 and up $25 $50.85
One Adult Family 1 adult + all dependents $25 $59.40
Two Adult Family 2 adults + all dependents $37.50 $80.10

Activate Your Membership Now
1. Survey and gather 5 or more employees that would like to sign up for a membership.
2. Contact Carrie Clanton by e-mail or call 509 777 9622 extension 444 to set up the corporate discount account.
3. Employees may print out a membership application.
4. After the initial account is setup, other employees may sign up at the front desk. 
5. Any pre-established memberships will become eligible for monthly discounts.

To see if your business is already a corporate member, click here.

There are many reasons to join the Y, and we’ve just added another. A complimentary guest pass to introduce you to the many benefits of a YMCA Membership!


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