Cars for Charity is located in Spokane, Washington and was established in 1996. The organization started as a collaboration among several Spokane County United Way member agencies and Pull & Save Auto Parts. Since Cars for Charity's inception, donors have contributed more than 6,800 vehicles ranging from those sold for parts to full operable motor homes, cars, trucks, and boats.

Proceeds from donated vehicles help fund vital programs and services delivered through local agencies for neighbors in our own community. By designating the YMCA of the Inland Northwest when you donate your old vehicle to Cars for Charity, you can give a young person the opportunity to participate in the YMCA programs and activities that otherwise would be out of financial reach. It's the win-win way to get rid of an old car or vehicle and do something good for the community.

By donating your unneeded vehicle to Cars for Charity, you're helping provide health and human care services right here in Spokane. Drive it in or call to arrange for towing. Your donation may be tax deductible. Cars for Charity will also accept RVs, motorcycles and boats. Call 509 928-1900 or visit the Cars for Charity website for more information.

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