2015 Annual Report

Our cause is a simple one: to strengthen the foundations of community and for over 130 years we have done just that. We live our cause by focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

On any given day we will serve a six week old infant, a child in Youth Sports or School Age Programs, an at-risk teen, a family, and an older adult. Our longevity, tradition, breadth of community service and impact are unparalleled - but we don’t do it alone. Our willingness and ability to connect, collaborate and form meaningful partnerships with other community entities has a positive impact on overall quality of life.
As we look back over 2015, our 131st year of service, we think it’s important to recognize and celebrate our many connections and collaborations.

The Annual Report captures the impact that the YMCA has made on the Spokane community. Learn more about leadership, programs, donors, and grants that continue to help make the YMCA the outstanding non-profit it is. The community partnerships and collaborations forged by the YMCA of the Inland Northwest are important for the continual impact and growth of the organization.


Learn more about the YMCA and the impact we have had on the Spokane community by checking out the annual reports from the past below.

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